Inspiring Success

About us

Our Aims

The Seed Group is committed to improving the health and happiness of future generations.

We believe that teaching children how to think, to challenge, and to overcome obstacles are equally as important as teaching them facts. Our nurseries and schools encourage our children to develop the skills and values that they need as well as focusing on the core skills of reading, writing, and maths.

We believe that understanding how to eat healthily and to take regular exercise has the power to transform lives. Our restaurant and catering business creates great tasting food using the best quality ingredients. All of our recipes are prepared from scratch just like our mothers taught us to do.

Our Values


  • Having new ideas and finding better ways
  • Seeing patterns, themes and connections
  • Learning to act independently and leading change


  • Agreeing and achieving goals
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Taking responsibility for success and learning from failure
  • Being confident


  • Understanding the changing world
  • Celebrating diversity
  • Recognising that we achieve more when we work together
  • Celebrating the success of others


  • Caring enough to make a change
  • Showing concern for people around us, and those far away
  • Learning together
  • Being kind